More than half a million families were uprooted when Katrina slamed the Gulf coast in 2005 making it the largest displacement or human beings in Americas history. For over two years MidWest Missionair transported medical workers and construction teams.


Hurricane Katrina


On May 4, 2007 the town of Greensburg in south central Kansas was hit by an F-5 tornado 1 1/2 miles wide.  The town of over 1400 residence was 95% destroyed. Midwest Missionair responded immediately by flying in medical workers form the Kansas City area and proceeded to organize teams of volunteers to help individuals and churches rebuild.


Minot, North Dakota was already suffering a housing shortage resulting from the city’s booming oil industry. Then nearly 4100 homes were flooded by waters that rose eleven feet higher than any previous record and lasted for nearly four weeks. One third of the city’s residents were left homeless.

Minot, North Dakota Flood

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado

Disaster Relief

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